Delta Dental Patient Information

Lakeville Dental Associates will be an unrestricted provider effective August 1st, 2022.  Although we have decided to discontinue our in-network relationship with Delta Dental, in no way do we want to discontinue our relationship with you!  We have put together this brief information sheet to help explain what this change means and how it will affect your benefits in our office.

  1. Why are we making this change?
    • Our top priority as your oral healthcare team is to provide the highest quality of care specific to each patient’s needs. We are seeing an increase of in-network restrictions limiting the ways in which patients can utilize their benefits.  As an unrestricted provider our relationship is with you and will be independent of the restrictions and limitations that contracted providers have.   
  1. Can you still use your Delta Dental benefits in our office? YES!
    • Delta Dental PPO plans allow members to choose their own dentist, providing benefits whether an in-network or independent provider is selected.
    • We will continue to verify benefits and file dental claims and any requested supporting documentation on your behalf.
    • In most cases, Delta Dental will ask you to pay for treatment at the time of service, then they will reimburse you directly once your claim is processed. Typically, Delta Dental processes payments to their members within 1-2 weeks.  Whenever possible, we will accept “assignment of benefits” enabling Delta Dental to reimburse us so that you are only responsible for your copayment.  Although we can request and accept assignment of benefits it is ultimately up to Delta Dental and your employer or plan whether they will allow this.
  1. We will continue to help you navigate and maximize your dental benefits
    • Any changes you see will depend largely on how your employer has set up your plan with Delta Dental.  
    • We will continue to review your plan and submit pre-estimates on your behalf to provide you the best estimate possible for any treatment recommended.  
    • We are an unrestricted provider with all other insurance carriers, so this process is not new to us. We will continue to help you maximize your dental benefits just as we do with all other insurance companies.  
  1. We have options to help your treatment fit your budget
    • We offer payment plan options through 3rd party companies such as Care Credit.

We offer in-house membership plans for patients without insurance.    Visit