Our dentists equip Lakeville Dental with powerful technology. New technology aids in accurate diagnostics that make your treatment more effective.

Our dentists have mastered of these state-of-the-art tools to give you a faster, easier, and more comfortable dental experience.


The earlier cavities are detected, the easier treatment can be. A quick tooth-colored filling is a conservative way to correct decay. The best way to detect decay is with the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection, which allows our dentists to see things that would be imperceptible through a physical inspection alone.

Our dentists scan the teeth with DIAGNOdent, and the tool detects cavities in their beginning stages, saving you money and time in the dental chair.


X-rays are essential for locating tooth decay, hairline cracks, and dozens of other problems that might be difficult to see. Our digital x-rays give us detailed images that provide a comprehensive diagnosis. Digital x-rays reveal images instantly, and they protect our patients from the amount of harmful radiation present in traditional x-rays.


You can see what we see in full-color with our intraoral cameras. These tiny digital cameras relay images from inside your mouth onto a chairside computer monitor. It makes patient-doctor communication easy, so we can be on the same page and make a treatment plan that suits your needs.


Millions of people in the US report feeling anxious about their dental visits. For many of those patients, one of their most pressing fears is the pain of traditional injections.

We make your appointment far more comfortable with the Wand local anesthesia administration device. It is a small pen–you never even see a needle! It is a gentle, controlled injection that minimizes the pain of the traditional needle, leaving patients surprised that their injection is already over!


Research shows that 30,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer every year, and 25% of those individuals are not tobacco users. Mortality for oral cancer is higher than many other types of cancers, meaning early detection is critical for successful treatment.

When caught early, oral cancer is easily treatable, with up to a  90% success rate! We use Vizilite technology to see abnormal tissues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. The screening process is quick, convenient, and highly accurate.

Come see us for your next exam or treatment at Lakeville Dental. You deserve comfort and advanced technology. Schedule your visit with a quick call to our office today!