Teeth whitening helps our patients’ self-confidence soar! Whitening is an affordable way to start smiling more.

At Lakeville Dental, we do whitening a little differently. We offer tiers of whitening that we select based on our patient’s needs and preferences. Your whitening treatment will be personalized to give you an optimal experience ending in brilliant results.


KOR whitening will make you want to show off your smile any chance you get! The KOR bleaching system provides:

  • Healthy, stunning, natural-looking results
  • A simple and convenient process with take-home trays for touch ups
  • Long-lasting results
  • Safety with minimized-to-ZERO sensitivity

You can counter any level of discoloration with our incredible KOR whitening process. We will conduct an in-office treatment and then provide you with comfortable whitening trays that you can take home to keep up your results.


  1. As we age, our teeth stop absorbing oxygen needed to remove stain molecules. The KOR whitening system works by restoring the teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen.
  2. Unlike any other whitening method, KOR can be 100 permanent with easy, periodic, in-home maintenance.
  3. KOR can improve any kind of smile stain, including tetracycline stains, previously thought impossible to remove!
  4. KOR is a comfortable and safe system for your teeth and gums.


Opalescence combines hydrogen peroxide and potassium nitrate. The hydrogen peroxide brightens the teeth while the potassium nitrate strengthens the teeth and reduces sensitivity. Opalescence actually promotes healthy teeth while giving you a bright, white, beautiful smile!

We conduct the Opalescence treatment in a similar fashion to our KOR treatment. You will undergo one in-office session, and we will provide you with maintenance trays to take home so that you can maintain your dazzling results.

We offer many options to boost your smile. If you have any questions about whitening treatment, contact Lakeville Dental today!