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Lakeville Dental uses various forms of technology at our dental practice in Lakeville, Minnesota. To learn more, call 952-469-3300 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

What is Dental Technology?

Technology has revolutionized the field of dentistry, in many of the same ways it has in other medical fields. Computer software, digital imaging, technological equipment, and more make it possible for us to provide better dental care for our patients.

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Benefits of Technology in Dentistry

The use of technology in dentistry provides many benefits:

  • More accurate diagnostics. Technology allows us to diagnose dental and oral problems such as cavities or abnormalities in the earliest stages so that we can more effectively treat them.
  • Procedures are safer. Technology allows us to perform procedures using safer methods with better planning and visualization.
  • Better quality dental records. Electronic record keeping is another way that technology allows us to provide better dental care. We can protect your privacy and keep more accurate records at the same time.
  • Faster recovery. Technology makes dental procedures less invasive, which results in less discomfort and faster recovery for patients.

Forms of Technology We Provide

We use the following technologies in our dental practice:

  • iTero Intraoral Scanner. A digital scanner makes it possible to make live images and impressions of the inside of the mouth that are immediately visible on a computer screen for analysis. Learn More
  • Digital X-Rays. Digital X-Rays use a fraction of the radiation that is required for film X-Rays and provide clearer images.
  • Dental Diode Lasers. The use of dental lasers in procedures minimizes discomfort and bleeding and is a powerful tool for biostimulation and decontamination.
  • DigiDoc Intraoral Cameras. An intraoral camera makes it easier for the dentist to see all parts of your mouth. You can also see images and live video of your mouth so you can better understand your diagnosis and treatment.
  • The WandⓇ Anesthesia. The WandⓇ is a computer controlled anesthesia device that administers the anesthetic more accurately and precisely to the area.
  • Electronic Apex Locator. This technology aids in root canal treatment, allowing the dentist to access the full length of the root canal of the tooth, avoiding the potential need for retreatment.
  • Florida Probe. Computerized periodontal probing and charting system that accurately records and documents measurements and other information as part of a periodontal evaluation. 
  • Digital Flat Screen Monitors. We provide monitors next to every chair so that we can educate our patients on their own diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Wi-Fi. Take advantage of our free Wi-Fi whenever you come in for appointments.

Why Choose Lakeville Dental?

Technology allows us to provide our patients with the highest quality dental care. We take a modern approach to dentistry, staying up to date with state-of-the-art equipment. We believe that it is our responsibility to incorporate whatever tools are available to improve your experience. Technology allows us to diagnose and treat dental and oral health issues more effectively, all while improving your level of comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Technology

Are X-Rays safe?
Many people question the safety of X-Rays in dental diagnostics because of the radiation used to create the images. We use digital X-Rays because they only use a fraction of the radiation that is required for traditional film images. Studies have shown no negative effects of digital X-Rays.
Why does local anesthesia make my face numb?
Local anesthesia, such as novocaine, stops the connection between the nerves and the brain so that you don’t feel pain. When it is administered in the traditional way for dental procedures it requires multiple injections and spreads to all of the nerves in that general area. But The WandⓇ technology is computer guided to deliver local anesthesia with greater accuracy and comfort, resulting in less facial numbness.
What is a dental laser and how does it work?
Dental lasers deliver a concentrated beam of light energy that can be used to perform a variety of dental procedures. Lasers are less invasive, minimizing discomfort and bleeding, which reduces the need for anesthesia and allows patients to make a faster recovery.
I’m not very tech savvy. What if I don’t understand all the technology you use?
There’s no need to worry about your own technology skills. The forms of technology we use, such as the iTero scanner, will actually make it easier for you to understand your own dental diagnosis and treatment. We are trained to use the equipment in order to deliver better care and explain that care to our patients.
Ready to see how technology can improve your dental experience? Call 952-469-3300 or contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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