Meet Rachel Major, DDS

A professional dedicated to her Lakeville patients and community!

Our Compassionate Dentist in Lakeville, MN

Part of the Lakeville Dental Associates family for more than 15 years.

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Dr. Rachel Major provides excellent dental care to the community and has done so for 15 years at Lakeville Dental Associates. She is driven by a passion for providing personalized care and treating you like her own family. Whether you need routine family dentistry, Invisalign®, or restorative dentistry, she is here for you.

Dr. Major’s approach revolves around creating a warm, patient-focused environment. With a keen understanding of her patients’ needs, she blends clinical precision with genuine care.

As a devoted mother and community volunteer, Dr. Major understands the importance of family and community, reflecting these values in her practice.

Dr. Rachel Major is a dentist who goes beyond the routine, offering personalized dental care that aligns with the essence of our commitment to family, community, and overall well-being. Experience dentistry where expertise meets empathy, and your smile takes center stage.

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  • Over 15 years of dedicated service at Lakeville Dental Associates

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Outside the Dental Office

A caring family woman with a generous heart.

Beyond the dental chair, Dr. Rachel Major’s love for Lakeville extends into her personal life. As a proud resident of the Twin Cities, she cherishes community involvement, volunteering, and attending local events.

This deep connection to Lakeville not only fuels her commitment to community well-being but also demonstrates that when she treats you, you will feel a sense of familiarity and trust. Dr. Major’s passion for her community transcends dentistry, ensuring every patient feels the warmth of genuine care.

Dr. Rachel Major smiling and take five with patient