Our Story

At Lakeville Dental Associates, we prioritize you and your family.

Providing Exceptional Patient-Focused Care

Serving our beloved community for nearly 50 years.

Since 1974, Lakeville Dental Associates has been at the heart of the community. Founded by Dr. Jack Harrison, Dr. Harrison’s father, nearly 50 years ago, our practice has been dedicated to patient-focused care and strong family values. Now, with Dr. Jennifer Harrison at the helm, we continue this tradition, ensuring every patient receives the highest level of personalized care.

As a family-run practice, our legacy spans generations, embodying a tradition of personalized care where every patient is treated like one of our own. Serving our beloved community for 50 years, Lakeville is more than just our location; it’s a community we cherish and contribute to.

Join us on this unique journey where care meets community, enhancing the quality of life in Lakeville. Lakeville isn’t just a place we serve – it’s our home, and we’re dedicated to making it a better place, one smile at a time.

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Our Approach to Dentistry

No rush policy

Enjoy unhurried consultations, with ample time for discussions and understanding your unique dental needs.

Whole health integration

Embrace a comprehensive approach that considers the oral-systemic link, promoting overall health alongside dental well-being.

Cutting-edge technology

Experience the future of dentistry with innovations like laser dentistry, and the latest diagnostic tools for precision and efficiency, such as digital scanners, voice-activated periodontal charting, and advanced radiograph reading technology.

What Sets Lakeville Dental Associates Apart?

Personalized care

Benefit from custom treatment plans designed specifically for you, ensuring your individual needs and preferences are prioritized.

Close-knit team

Become part of a dental family where our team’s close collaboration fosters a supportive atmosphere, making your experience more personal.

Quality dentistry

Trust in our commitment to high standards, continuous learning, and the integration of advanced techniques for the best possible dental outcomes.

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Lakeville Dental Associates' Values

Guiding us in all we do so you enjoy an outstanding dental experience.

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  • Family
    Step into a warm, family-like atmosphere where your care extends beyond dentistry. You will experience a positive, honest, and compassionate environment and benefit from our commitment to providing comprehensive care. You will receive full attention, be heard, and be treated with respect.
  • Be Better
    Committed to ongoing growth, we strive to serve you with the best care, innovative techniques, and continuous learning. With this commitment, we provide you with the highest standards of care because we believe that we can always be better.
  • Walk the Talk
    We prioritize comprehensive care, patient education, and effective communication, but we don’t just say that, we follow through. We avoid shortcuts and provide you with fairness, honesty, thoroughness, and quality in all diagnoses and treatments.
  • Fun
    Life is a gift, and we celebrate it to the fullest. When you come to our practice, you enter a place with contagious energy, positivity, and enthusiasm. Our passion ensures a practice where you will want to come, and team members are excited to do their best for you.
  • Bring Your Best, Leave the Rest
    We bring our best selves to work to give you the highest level of treatment. Upholding respect and high-quality interactions, you are never rushed, pressured, or mistreated. Our commitment to approaching challenges with solutions ensures your problems and concerns are heard, and we will always find a way to solve them.

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