Routine dental appointments are necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Dental treatments like fillings or dental crowns may also be vital to protect your smile. If you are avoiding a cleaning or procedure, perhaps you just haven’t found the right dental office yet.

Drs. Harrison and Major are committed to your comfort. Dental anxiety is a real issue that keeps millions of Americans away from the dental office. We would never want to pressure or guilt you into receiving dental work—you already know it is important. We just want to make it stress-free for you!

We proudly offer IV sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide sedation, and oral sedation at Lakeville Dental. We are qualified to perform different levels of sedation so that you can select which option is right for you.


Nitrous oxide sedation, also known as laughing gas, has calming effect on our patients. The patient inhales nitrous oxide through a small mask that covers the nose. The gas will make you feel relaxed, happy, and unaware of what is happening around you. You will remain conscious, and the effects will wear off almost immediately after removing the mask.


Oral conscious sedation is a medication prescribed to you by our dentists. We will give you a dose based on your individual needs, and provide you with instructions regarding when to take it. By taking your medication shortly before your procedure, you will feel disconnected and at ease. You will feel drowsy, but still awake.


Intravenous sedation acts quickly, and provides a deeper level of sedation for patients who are very anxious or require complex dental work.

Our dentists are happy to announce that they are qualified to provide IV sedation to anxious patients who need dental work. You can enjoy a worry-free treatment while we monitor you and adjust your levels as necessary.

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